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15.03.2015 21:35 Alter: 5 yrs

Aeolus 0.1 released

Von: Matthias J. Sax

Check it out at github.com/mjsax/aeolus

We are happy to announce the first release of the open-source re-implemenation of Aeolus. Aeolus is a framework on top of Apache Storm.In this first release, Aeolus provides a batching layer, that is able to increase a topologies throughput significantly. The batching layer is transparent to the system and to the user code. Thus, it can be used without changing existing code.

Currently supported features:

  • batching output tuples of Spouts and Bolts (batch size configurable)
  • debatching at the receiving Bolts (including mixed mode, i.e., receiving batched and non-batched input simultaneously)
  • supports any number of declared output streams
  • supports shuffle and fields grouping (all other groupings -- except direct grouping -- should work, too, but are not tested yet)
  • supports mixed output batching, i.e., shuffle/fields grouping combined for different consumer bolts (also multiple fields groupings using different partition attributes)

Please check it out. Feedback is very welcome. github.com/mjsax/aeolus