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Stratosphere accepted as Apache incubator project
Von: Rico Bergmann, Mathias Peters, Matthias J. Sax – 14.04.2014

We are happy to announce the acceptance of Stratosphere as an Apache incubator project.[mehr]


New DBIS Group Poster
Von: Matthias J. Sax – 31.03.2014

We have a new group poster that gives an overview about the research topics and projects DBIS members are working on.[mehr]


Stratosphere 0.4 Released
Von: Rico Bergmann, Mathias Peters, Matthias J. Sax – 13.01.2014

The Stratosphere project (www.stratosphere.eu) released the new version 0.4 of its system. The new version includes the integration with YARN, has a new Scala programming interface and added support for iterative programs as well...[mehr]


Talk by prof. Freytag during BigData Day
– 22.10.2013

On November 11, Prof. Freytag will give a talk on research challenges on BigData.[mehr]


New Publication: Towards Mega-Modeling: A Walk through Data (Sigmod Records)
– 22.10.2013

This paper reflects one result of Prof. Freytag's cooperation with Italian research partners during his sabbatical in 2012. Reference: SIGMOD Records 42, 3 (September 2013) [mehr]


New Publication: "Performance Optimization for Distributed Intra-Node-Parallel Streaming Systems" (SMDB 2013)
Von: Matthias J. Sax – 20.12.2012

This workshop paper is joined work with Hewlett-Packard Laboratories (Palo Alto, CA) and will be presented at the 8th International Workshop on Self-Managing Database Systems (SMDB 2013) in conjunction with 29th IEEE...[mehr]


Talk at GIS Day 2012 at GFZ Potsdam: "Efficient Clustering of Geo-Spatial Timeseries using Parallel Dataflow Programs"
Von: Matthias J. Sax – 13.11.2012

In this talk, we present initial results of our joined work with Dr.Mike Sips from Geoforschungzentrum (GFZ) Potsdam (German Research Centre for Geosciences) about clustering large geo-spatial timeseries efficently on large...[mehr]