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Research Projects

DFG-Forschergruppe Stratosphere
This research group is part of a larger research effort in Berlin between the Technische Universität Berlin, the Hasso-Plattner-Institut (Potsdam) and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
DFG-Graduate School SOAMED
This DFG-Graudate SChool SOAMED (Service-orientierte Architekturen zur Integration Software-gestützter Prozesse am Beispiel des Gesundheitswesens und der Medizintechnik) investigates various aspects of service oriented architectures in the context of medical systems.
DFG-Graduate School METRIK
The DBIS research group investigates various aspects of data management and workflow execution as a member of the Graduate School METRK (Model-Based Development of Technologies for Self-Organizing Decentralized Information Systems in Disaster Management). More details can be found on the METRIK Web pages
Link Traversal Based Query Execution
A Novel Approach to Query the Web of Linked Data
Web of Trusted Data
Trustworthiness of Data described by RDF
Query Optimization in RDF Databases
Relational database technology has been researched for decades and is widely used in production system. Utilizing this experience most approaches build on top of relational DBMS to manage RDF data. However, RDBMS have not been optimized to manage graph-like data, but tabular data. Additionally, RDF comes with its own query language (SPARQL) which especially allows to retrieve subgraphs from the RDF data. Considering the results of the Berlin SPARQL Benchmark we think that there is most likely room for improving the query processing within existing RDF repositories. Hereby, we focus on three areas: physical management of the RDF data, its indexing, and query optimization.
DBnovo - Datenbankgestützte Online Sequenzierung
Das Projekt hat die prototypische Implementierung einer Datenbank- und Workflow gestützten IT Umgebung des Massenspektrometrie-Gerätes (LTQ-FT) zum Ziel.

Closed Projects

DirX-Server query optimization
Advanced Database Technologies in Bioinformatics
DirX-Server query optimization
Conflicts in Data Integration
Data Cleansing of Genome Data
DESWAP (Development Environment for Semantic Web APplications)
The project KnowledgeNets analyzes potential impacts of Semantic Web technologies on the electronic markets and the business specific value chains. Thus e-commerce scenarios are developed in which the new technologies are applied to various application domains. Afterwards these future scenarios are subject to experiments and analyzes.
Tools and Concepts for extending Siemens' DirX LDAP-Server
Practical Private Information Retrieval (2PIR)
Query Processing
Privacy and Security
The Query Web
We develop a novel architecture for query processing which we term “The Query Web” to address these challenges within a dynamic scenario where nodes regularly join and leave the network. By combining a distributed hash table approach with unstructured P2P networks, we expect the index to be reasonably insensitive to both changes of the network structure as well as updates of the data instances.
XML Query Execution Engine (XEE)

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[Punkt]  Link Traversal Based Query Execution

[Punkt]  Web of Trusted Data

[Punkt]  Query Optimization in RDF Databases

[Punkt]  DBnovo - Datenbankgestützte Online Sequenzierung